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Every since the summer of 1996, Nick would have a block that would last through the summer.

Nick in the Afternoon

Stick Stickley!

Every summer since 1996, Nick presented special Nicktoon marathons and special events. The first of these, Nick in the Afternoon, began in 1996, and lasted for 3 summers. Hosted by Stick Stickley, a popsicle stick, this features various animated and live-action programming, with the Nicktoons often seen in 15-minute versions only.

SpongeBob's Nicktoons Summer Splash

In the Summer

The logo of SpongeBob's Nicktoon Summer Splash

of 2000, there was Nicktoons Summer Splash. Hosted by SpongeBob SquarePants and his sidekick, Patrick Starfish, each Nicktoon is featured on it's own 3-hour marathon. Rugrats on Mondays, Rocket Power on Tuesdays, The Wild Thornberrys on Wednesdays, Hey, Arnold! on Thursdays, and Rocko's Modern Life (later CatDog) on Fridays. Britian and Australia has shown Nicktoons Summer Splash with a similiar schedule.

The 2001 edition featured the same host and the same series on the same days as the previous year.

Nick in Australia presented Nicktoons Summer Splash for a third year in a row, December 23, 2002 to January 24, 2003, which falls during their Summer; and it carried the same schedule as the previous 2 years.

SpongeBob TV

As seen from Nickelodeon UK's website.

Nicktoons splat.jpg

During the Spring 2003 holidays (starting April 14, 2003), Nick UK has recycled the marathons and shorts, renaming it as SpongeBob TV, with the same show schedule as all the Summer Splashes.

The recycling continues -- in the Summer of 2003, Nicktoons TV presented an extra-large version of Nicktoond Summer Splash, which ran everyday from 8am to 8pm, Saturdays to 11pm. As usual, only the same series featured in past years (including Rocko's Modern Life, which was on only for one week in 2000) was included in the Nicktoons TV version.

Weekdays: Saturdays Sundays
8am Rocko's Modern Life The Wild Thornberrys The Wild Thornberrys
11am Hey, Arnold! Rocko's Modern Life Rocko's Modern Life
2pm The Wild Thornberrys CatDog Rugrats
5pm CatDog Rocket Power CatDog
8pm Rugrats

Nicktoons Summer Beach House

The block's logo.


The 2002 edition, which was renamed Nicktoons Summer Beach House, featured SpongeBob on Mondays, Rugrats on Tuesdays, Rocket Power on Wednesdays, Hey, Arnold! on Thurdays, and The Wild Thornberrys on Fridays. It ran from May 27, 2002 to August 30, 2002.


In Britian, a similiar, 2-hour daily block, ran from July 29 to August 23, with the same Nicktoons on the same day.

This block was not seen in Australia during their summer 2002-03 -- they shown Nicktoons Summer Beach House the following year instead.

This version had no regular host; during the breaks, the Nicktoons can be seen doing summer beach activities,


such as surfing, sandcastle building, and cooking barbeque. All the action took place in a "live-action" setting.

The 2003 version, started on May 26, 2003, had featured SpongeBob on Mondays, The Fairly OddParents on Tuesdays, Rugrats on Wednesdays, Hey, Arnold! on Thursdays, and Rocket Power on Fridays. It ended on Labor Day weekend.

Nicktoons Summer Beach House Commercials from 2003 (Part 1)